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Generous Donors

Thanks so much to all who support our mission!

   Wal-mart                                 Home Depot                    Sam's Club       

 Beehive Grill                         Lee's Marketplace         Garden Gateway


Harvest for Her                    Kent & Donna Alder      Dave and Lynette



Let's Brighten a Life

Here are some ways you can help:


Collect flowers or vases.


Help create flower bouquets with donated flowers.


Deliver bouquets to individuals in Health Care Facilities. 

Who donates flowers?

We collect flowers from many sources.  We use flowers that are unsold or unused.  We also accept flowers used for an event such as a funeral or wedding.  We then arrange them into bouquets and deliver to those in need.  

Please contact us if you would like to make a flower donation.


USU Research Farm

Maegen Lewis, Tegan Durfee and their team are up at dawn cutting flowers from their fields three days a week. Buckets of flowers are donated to us.  We are so appreciative of all they do!

Melanie- USU Extension


Paisley Farm

Lindy Bankhead and other cut flower growers in the valley donate many blooms to us each week. This  is a wonderful source for our flower donations.

Lindy and Ali- Florage Co-op


Freckle Farm

Freckle Farm has donated numerous bouquets and shared their resources and talents. This awesome garden store has been so generous in helping us brighten lives!

Lisa- Freckle Farm

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