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Brightening Lives One Bloom at a Time

We collect unsold flowers from local growers or flowers from events after   they have served their purpose.  


Individual growers in also donate their blooms to our organization.

We then arrange bouquets to be used to brighten a day with the help of our volunteers.

We deliver these bouquets to individuals in care facilities who enjoy flowers and a visit.

Marble Surface

Total Number of Bouquet Recipients

Help us Brighten a Life Today!  When you make a donation, you help us:
  • fulfill 2 or 3 deliveries per week-with an average of 15-30 bouquets per delivery 
  • organize and support our volunteer program
  • keep materials stocked to create bouquets

Where Flowers Bloom, so does Hope.

Lady Bird Johnson

Would you like to volunteer? Would you rather donate vases or flowers from your event?
We would love your help in brightening lives.  

Text Megan @ 435-232-4148 
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